Call for Letters of Intent

Broadcasting Accessibility Fund

Call for Letters of Intent – February 1 to March 23, 2020


The Broadcasting Accessibility Fund (the Fund) is pleased to announce its sixth Call for Letters of Intent – Grant Applications to the Fund.

If you intend to apply to the Fund for a Grant, you/your organization must complete a Letter of Intent and submit this to our offices no later than end of day, Monday, March 23, 2020.

Only those applicants who submit an acceptable Letter of Intent by March 23, 2020 that includes all the information below will be considered, and may receive an invitation to submit a full application for funding. The review of Letters received begins immediately.

Your Letter of Intent should be a maximum of three (3) pages in length only. Please do not include any attachments. The following elements must be included as part of your letter:


1) Organization, Company or Personal Enterprise Submitting the Letter

Provide a very brief introduction to the organization, company or other entity submitting the Letter. A link to a website may be included if desired.


2) Objective

Please describe the objective of your project or initiative and state under which of our Funding Streams your project or initiative falls. The objective of your project or initiative should be clearly stated. Applicants are expected to review our Mandate and to describe how the proposed project or initiative will further the objectives of the Fund’s Mandate.


3) Proposed Method (if applicable)

If your grant proposal is research-oriented, which methodology or methodologies do you intend to apply? Clearly state if these are quantitative and/or qualitative in nature. You may wish to provide a brief summary of your overall research design to support your answer.

Does your proposal make use of inclusive design principles? Briefly explain.


4) Deliverables

What are the specific deliverables associated with your project or initiative (for example, an app, software, hardware, etc.)?


5) Anticipated Impact

Please describe the anticipated impact of your proposal. Based on our Mandate, in what way will your project or initiative provide practical solutions that tangibly increase the accessibility of broadcasting content in Canada?


6) Key Personnel

Please identify the key personnel that would be working on your project. Full resumés are not required at this time, but a brief biography should be included.


7) Project Results & Dissemination

Briefly explain your plan with respect to the results of your proposed project, i.e. distribution, dissemination, sale or other use(s) of the projects outcomes.


Please Note the Following

The Fund’s office may contact you should additional information or clarification be required.

While Letters of Intent must be provided by potential applicants for grants, the Fund in no way guarantees that you will be approached to submit a full application, and in no way guarantees that any application subsequently submitted to the Fund will be awarded a Grant.

The decision of the Fund on Letters of Intent and Grant Applications is final, and no appeal of our decision will be possible.

In general, the Fund will not accept proposals for the production of programming, the development/impact of regulation and public policy pertaining to accessibility, or other projects that would not, in their results, tangibly increase accessibility to broadcasting in Canada.


How to Submit a Letter of Intent to the Fund

Letters of Intent are due to the Fund no later than end of day, Monday, March 23, 2020. You will be notified once your Letter is received at our offices.

Letters of Intent must be sent to Richard Cavanagh, CEO/Funding Officer, Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, using one of the following methods:


By email

Email your Letter of Intent to


By fax

Fax your Letter of Intent to (1) 613-729-8892.


By ground mail

Allowing sufficient time for delivery, mail your Letter of Intent to:


Broadcasting Accessibility Fund

Attn: Richard Cavanagh

CEO/Funding Officer

251 Loretta Avenue South

Ottawa, Ontario

K1S 4P6


Alternative submission formats

The Fund will make every effort to accept submission in the alternative format of your choice (for example, by audio or video recording). If you wish to submit your Letter of Intent in an alternative format, please contact the Fund office.


For further information, or if you have questions about submitting a Letter of Intent to the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund, please contact Richard Cavanagh, or call (1) 613-729-1891 or (1) 613-915-5575.